The Craft

Tap into craftmanship

Obviously I like to work on visual identity projects, creating truly unique corporate brandmarks, emblems, monograms or clever and powerful logotypes that withstand the test of time. I’m impassioned about creating the highest quality of work and a competitive creative design service that I will continue to push beyond the expected.

Prior to the creation of an iconic brand mark or a brand new identity, a lot of information needs to be gathered in order to filter out the useful bits to create a meaningful mark. As humble as it may seem, any design challenge I’m facing will be born from a sketch on a simple piece of paper.

Hire a legible designer

Smart business owners understand the value of quality design, which adds the power to send them miles ahead from their competitors. My clients didn’t hire me because I run a $200 logo design farm or because I follow trends for the sake of short-term gains. They hire me because they already had a hunch of the benefits to have an identifiable brand. And should they aim for something cheap and unrelated, my best advice to them is to join a crowdsourcing domain.

Brand identity on steroids

Original logo & identity design consequently arises from a fair amount of communication, experience, in-depth knowledge and let me put into play a touch of talent as well.

Before revealing too many surprises I may have for those who like to hire me in the future, please let me sum-up the most important treats on the house by default:

  • Original & iconic logo design
  • No-nonsense working approach
  • No charge on improvements
  • No hidden fees or hourly rates
  • No boring A-B-C logo packages

My identity design service is solely based on your company’s profile, its story and history, its goals and advantages or any other important value that needs to be understood by your target audience. Obviously your logo needs to reflect a truthful image of your business in order to harvest the right members to your tribe, while still being able to serve the existing loyal members as well.

Crafting the perfect symbol for your brand means creating trust and loyalty from your customers. Your logo isn’t your brand, but the logo is responsible for creating your brand and a stronger sense of unity amongst your employers and business partners, meaning new chances and highly potential opportunities.

If you’re serious about your brand, by all means let’s have a talk.

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